ABS sensor 31955

ABS sensor 31955


This week ABS is releasing an ABS sensor for the 2009-2014 Subaru Outback; item 31955. Together with this item, which is for the front axle, items 31956 and 31957 for the rear axle are also released. These are all active sensors. They retrieve their signal from the ring with magnetic fields which is integrated in the wheel bearing units. These items 201374 for the front axle and 201517 for the rear axle are also available from stock.

The Subaru Outback occupies a special place. It is probably more capable off road than the Audi Allroad or the Volvo XC70. After all Subaru have a wealth of WRC experience and the Subaru build quality is excellent. However all this comes with a premium price tag.

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