Stabiliser connection rods 260936 / 260397

Stabiliser connection rods 260936 / 260397


This week ABS is introducing 2 stabiliser connection rods 260936 / 260397 for the front side of the BMW 3 Series generation 2019 (G20).  It is concerning the 7th version of the 3-series the sedan version is none under code name G20 and the touring version under code name G21.

Currently we can offer the tie rod ends 230559 / 230563 and the axial rod 240827. For the rear of the vehicle we can offer stabilizer mountings 271744 / 271796 and the stabiliser connection rods 260766 / 260767. Currently under development are the tie rod assemblies 250383 / 250384.  Also the lower single sided control arms 212272 / 212273 for the front side is under development. We will keep on developing more items to offer a complete range for this application.

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