Brake master cylinder 41150

Brake master cylinder 41150


This week ABS is releasing a brake master cylinder for the Toyota Hilux; 41150.  It completes the range of brake master cylinders for the 2005 generation Toyota Hilux. This is an aluminum master cylinder of 20.64 mm inner diameter with 2 connections. There is a full range of hydraulic parts for these models available from stock. 

The ABS range for these iconic cars includes brake discs, drums, pads ,shoes, splash panels, etc. Steering and suspension parts a also available including wheel bearings and wheel speed sensors.

This car was made world famous by the attempts of the British television show TopGear to destroy a Hilux. It was left in the sea, dropped of a building but even after all this abuse the engine would still start. The car has found a place in the Beaulieu Motor Museum in the UK as part of the TopGear exhibition.

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