Stabilizer rubber 274077

Stabilizer rubber 274077


This week ABS releases a stabilizer rubber for the 1998 generation Nissan Patrol; 274077. The 1998 Y61 is the fifth generation of this iconic car. The latest generation Y62 was introduced in 2010. 

The Patrol has been available since 1951. Between 1988 and 1994, Ford Australia marketed the Patrol as the Ford Maverick. In some European countries, such as Spain, the Patrol was marketed by Ebro as the Ebro Patrol.  

The Patrol is available in Australia, Central and South America, South Africa, parts of Southeast Asia, and Western Europe, as well as Iran and the Middle East. For the 2011 model year, it was made available in North America as the upscale Infiniti QX56 (later renamed as Infiniti QX80), the first time that a Patrol-based vehicle had been sold in North America since 1969, and for the 2017 model year, it would be offered in that market as the Nissan Armada. 

The Y61 platform is manufactured as a military vehicle in countries of Asia and the Middle East. Various versions of the Patrol are widely used by United Nations agencies. Y61 models are produced alongside the current Y62. The Y60 and Y61 Patrols were the main troop-transport vehicles used by the Irish Army. 

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