Track control arm 210705

Track control arm 210705


ABS releases the bottom track control arm for the Tesla model S (210705). This aluminium arm completes the front suspension parts. Together with the upper track control arms 210190/210191 and the lower control arms 211356/ 211357 ABS now offers a full range.

Although 210190/91 are supplied with the ball joint this part is also separately available under item number 220692. Steering parts include the rod ends 230040 or 230571, axial joint 240713 or the assembled rod end/axial joint 250374.

On the 4WD models both axles have the wheel bearing 201861.Wheel speed sensor for the front axle are available under item numbers 30183 and 30105. For the rear axle the speed sensors are 30180 and 30182. 

Naturally there is a range of brake parts; There are front and rear discs 18519, 18520 and brake pads 35051, 35052.

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