Track control arm 212011

Track control arm 212011


This week ABS releases a front track control arm for the 2007 Jeep Wrangler. The upper arm 212011 is released  this week. The lower arm 212082 is still under development. Steering parts for this car are completed by the stabilizer 261082, ball joints 220625/220626 and the rod ends 231132/231133.

Naturally there is a range of brake parts available through ABS for this model. Brake calipers 730461/730462 at the front axle paired with discs 18127 and pads 38418. Brake calipers 531721/531722 at the rear axle paired with discs 18229 and pads 37698.

The first Wrangler model was built in 1986, this was the “YJ” model. It was succeeded by the “TJ” in 1996. Many still see this TJ as the ultimate Wrangler version.

The 2007 model of the Jeep Wrangler is the “JK” model. It is the third generation Wrangler, the first Wrangler to be developed under the ownership of DaimlerChrysler. The JK was Jeep's first Wrangler that was a completely clean-sheet design of the body, frame, and suspension.

In 2007 two Jeep Wranglers have climbed 22,597 feet above sea level — the highest altitude ever reached by a four-wheeled vehicle — to attain the rim of Chile's Ojos del Salado, the world's highest volcano and the second highest mountain in the Western Hemisphere.

The JK was succeeded in 2018 by the “JL” model.

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