Brake shoes set 9378

Brake shoes set 9378


This week ABS releases the brake shoes set 9378. This set is intended for the 2014 Renault Twingo / 2015 Smart Forfour.

On the Renault there is a choice between 2 different sets. The shoes 9378 / drum 2936-S are for cars with a start/stop system. Cars without this system have shoes 9365 and drum 2935-S. The Smart always uses 9378/2936-S.

There are more brake parts for these cars available from stock. The shoes and drums can be completed with wheel brake cylinders 63659/63660 (22,2 mm) or 63657/63658 (20,6 mm). Front discs 18316 combined with the brake pads 37961. The front calipers 430981/431982.

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