Control arm 210642

Control arm 210642


This week ABS is releasing a track control arm for the 2017 models VW Crafter /MAN TGE light commercial vehicles. Item 210642 (together with item 201637, expected may 2021) is a heavy duty track control arm for these vans.

The regular track control arms 210643/210645 are already on stock. ABS also supplies the ball joint 220678 and  stabilizers 261113/261114. Steering is covered through axial rod 240789 and the rod ends 231112/231113.

In addition ABS also has a range of brake parts for these vans. Discs 18622 at the front axle and 18612 or 18631 at the rear axle. Pads 35203 or 35204 for the front, 35259 or 35204 at the rear.

About the car:

The previous model of the VW Crafter model was the result of cooperation between Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen. However, Mercedes has cancelled the cooperation, the Germans prefer to work with Renault. Since the Crafter was built at the Mercedes plant in Bremen, Volkswagen had to consider another production location.

The new production location is found in Poland, an hour east of Poznan. There, Volkswagen has invested 800 million euros in a completely new factory where the new model is built. A new cooperation was found with MAN Trucks and the model is also marketed as MAN TGE.

In the eighties and nineties of the last century, the predecessor of the VW Crafter, the LT, was also sold as MAN. It was then called G90 (photo) and was not very popular. The lightest G90 had a GVW of 7.5 tonnes. For MAN, the arrival of the TGE means an answer to the Iveco Daily and a substantial rounding off of the delivery program.

MAN customers now have a choice for all types of vehicles from three to 60 tons.

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