ABS IT system migration

ABS IT system migration


On Thursday June 16, ABS will be upgrading its IT systems to improve customer service and further increase its service level on delivering high quality brake, wheel bearing and steering and suspension parts. This project has been carefully prepared and planned with a dedicated team of ABS and IT professionals.

Due to this migration some order systems will be temporary unavailable. Below you’ll find the details:

June 15 - 16:00

  • Order cut off

June 15 - 17:30 until June 16 - 12:00 offline

  • TecCom
  • Webshop

June 16 and 17 limited capacity for:

  • Plan orders
  • Pallet orders

As this migration will affect all ABS business processes, you will experience changes in the way your orders are handled. The status of a shipment/order can be found on our website, or by contacting our sales team.

Bear in mind that there is a slight chance, shipments will be delayed. You can also be contacted by our sales team to have orders processed earlier, or to have your order postponed.

Of course we will be available via E-mail/phone for any questions.

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