Caliper 522771C3

Caliper 522771C3


This week ABS is releasing two new coloured brake calipers. These are part of a comprehensive range of ABS coloured calipers for cars that come factory equipped with these. The ABS code is made up of the standard item code plus a code for the colour. C1 for blue, C2 for black and C3 for red.

At the moment there are 16 items available (8 sets). ABS will gradually further develop the range.

In the example of this week the Mini of the 3rd generation, produced from 2006 to 2014. The items 522771C3 and 522772C3 are red front calipers for the models equipped with the optional sports brake system. This is the system with 294 mm cross drilled discs combined with a standard ( but coloured) caliper. 

The discs are ABS 18185 for cars with M14 wheel studs and ABS 18298 for cars with M12 wheel studs. (This is not the JCW Brembo system with the 316 mm discs). The calipers are directly interchangeable with the non-coloured items. Giving the customer 2 options;

  • Replace the coloured calipers on the car with matching new coloured calipers.
  • Exchanging the standard items for coloured ones.



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